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Welcome to the new FratMusic.

At FratMusic we believe that great music makes for great times. But our vision has always been bigger than just streaming good music. Our larger goal is to build a network to share great music and to form a true community around the music we all love. This new version of the site is designed to bring us one step closer to that goal.

So what's new?

We will still have all the great playlists that we have always featured on our site. But because we are building the new site using YouTube and SoundCloud's APIs you will now be able to see full tracklists and play any song as many times as you want, without a skip limit.

We will still also be creating new high quality playlists which you can find on the "Featured" tab. But now anyone can easily create and submit a playlist. By clicking our "Submit a Playlist" button you can build a playlist using tracks from SoundCloud and YouTube and easily submit it to the site.

Also, you can now create a FratMusic account and login. Logging in let's you save your favorite playlists (by clicking the "thumbs up" icon on any specific playlist) and save your submitted playlists so you can continue to edit them whenever you want.

Finally, it is now easier than ever to find good playlists. The "Featured" tab on our homepage shows high-quality playlists that have been hand-picked by our team. The "Popular" tab shows the most popular playlists based on community votes. And the "Newest" tab shows the mostly recently created playlists. You can filter the tabs by any of our different tags (like "Rage," "Pregame," "MERICA," and all of the other stations from the old site) and can now search for specific playlists using our search bar.

Try It Out.

We hope you enjoy the new version of the site. We intend this to be a true starting point for something bigger so expect many more features and upgrades to come. However, we understand change can be hard so if you find yourself pining for the old site you can access it here:

If you have any ideas, feedback, questions, or just want to shoot the shit, please reach out to us at [email protected]. Enjoy.

-The FratMusic Team