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Win A Free Trip to Meet Tiesto and Rage In Vegas
Introducing Our New Exclusive Mixtape Series "FratMusic Blue Label"
"Vineyard Rhymes" Is Our Hottest Playlist This Week
Less than a week left to win a free Chainsmokers concert at your school
Ever dreamed of getting flown into Vegas to rage your face off and get treated like a celebrity, all on someone else's dime? Well thanks to our friends at Wondr now's your chance for you and a friend to win a dream Vegas experience of free roundtrip airfare, free hotel accomodations, and the opportunity meet Tiƫsto backstage before his performance at Hakkasan Nightclub on June 20, 2014. Just go to to enter
Introducing "FratMusic Blue Label," our new exclusive mixtape series. We'll be bringing you a new up and coming artist for every new Blue Label episode to serve up a top of the line hour-long mix. Vol. 1 is brought to you courtesy of our boy Elephante.
With a mix of chill hip-hop with indie acoustic inspired beats, Vineyard Rhymes is the perfect playlist for a Vineyard pregame or just chilling near the beach. Preview it below and listen to the full playlist on our free apps for iPhone and Android:

Only six days left until the Chainsmokers choose which campus they're going to crash for a sick free show. University of California-Davis is in the lead but there's still plenty of time left to rally a group and get the Chainsmokers to come to your school. All you need to do to enter is register a free one-day fantasy bball team using SKYLLZONE. Make sure you register as your school because whichever schools with the most entries by April 7th will win the show.
Our mix of over forty new tracks from all genres, updated every Friday.
March Madness is starting early. We've teamed up with SKYLLZONE and RECESS to bring you an opportunity to win a free concert by the Chainsmokers at your school. Enter for your chance to win now.
Checkout our hand picked top ten new tracks released over the past week below. Any tracks you think we missed? Let us know on Twitter
To celebrate the launch of our new free iPhone and Android apps we've decided to give away a pair of SOL Republic Master Track Headphones! These headphones sound awesome, are durable, and are optimized for mobile phones so they'll be the perfect pair for our new free app.
Our boy Lil' Dicky hooked us up with twenty-five of his favorite hip hop tracks for getting pumped up before a big basketball game. Dicky mixes some old school hip hop like Biggie with newer stuff like A$AP and Schoolboy Q to make for an overall dope playlist for the gym or pregaming.
The FratMusic app is now free for both iPhone and Android! You can now download the app and listen to all of our playlists for free.
Save that two dollars you were about to spend on FratMusic because starting tomorrow the FratMusic app will be free for both iPhone and Android
Checkout our hand picked top ten new tracks released over the past week below. Any tracks you think we missed? Let us know on Twitter
Every Spring Break has its share of songs that get played over and over until you never want to hear them again but somehow end up putting them on every night anyway. Here's our list of this year's top ten Spring Break Anthems
Starting this April RECESS will be hitting seven colleges across the country on their RECESS Campus Tour, featuring acts like Diplo and Paper Diamond. To celebrate we've made a playlist featuring the artists on the RECESS Campus Tour. Checkout the full playlist here or listen to a few of the highlights here. And be sure to checkout the official RECESS Campus Tour site to see if RECESS is coming to your school.
For a lucky few of you it's already Spring Break. But if not start chugging anyway because our Spring Break station is now live. Checkout our brand new Spring Break station for a selection of playlists for everything from raging on the beach, to chilling in paradise, to partying with the girls.

Or listen to a few tracks that are in heavy rotation on our Spring Break playlists here
Rhode Island duo "Academy" have only released four songs to date but are already one of our favorite new chill artists. They have an old school sound that features just their guitar and voices, but create really fresh, authentic music that just immediately puts you in a chill mood. Listen to their new track "Closer To Me" for some of those insta chills and checkout more Academy here:

One of our most popular playlists this week, Tropical Chill features chill house sounds from artists such as Kygo,Thomas Jack, and Robin Schulz. Listen to a featured track off the playlist below or listen to the full playlist here

Cowp's new remix of Bob Marley's "Is This Love" is one of the best we've heard in a while. Cowp gives Marley's timeless lyrics a chill, melodic reworking that feels fresh but keeps close enough to the original to capture some of Marley's vibe. Listen to more Cowp here:

"Born To Rage" features twenty-five of the best new rage tracks, including new trap, progressive house, deep house, and remixes. Sample a few tracks off the playlist, listen to the full playlist on your comp here, or get our iPhone or Android app to listen on the go
Our Thirsty Thursday Power Hour is updated with sixty brand new sixty second tracks ready for your Thursday night power hour. Listen to the full power hour here
Vineyard Rhymes
By: FratMusic
Score: 98
Academy's Almost Summer Anthems
By: academy
Score: 27
Blue Label, Vol. 1 | Elephante
By: FratMusic
Score: 27
Sky's Out Thighs Out
By: FratMusic
Score: 17
Welcome to Cali
By: D.Le
Score: 309
Your Party Is Our Pregame
By: FratMusic
Score: 221
The Ragelist
By: FratMusic
Score: 216
Adderall Binge
By: dgullen
Score: 194
Sun's Out Guns Out
By: FratMusic
Score: 85
The Ultimate Mashups Playlist
By: FratMusic
Score: 174
Spring Breaking
By: jkerst
Score: 21
Red Hot Trilli Peppers
By: FratMusic
Score: 54
Spring/Summer 2014
By: miami-of-brohio
Score: 6
FratMusic Top 10
By: FratMusic
Score: 431
Study Radio
By: FratMusic
Score: 37
FratMusic Hot 40
By: FratMusic
Score: 39
Veishea 2014
By: piercelarkin
Score: 16
Drunk White Girls
By: SooPhilthy
Score: 5
Rainy Day Study Sesh
By: magdawg
Score: 42
The Study Vitamin
By: g
Score: 49